Benmarc Environmental (Pty) Ltd specializes in Total Dust Management products and services. Benmarc is headquartered in Johannesburg. Our international affiliate organization are located in Chicago, Illinois.

As a result of Benmarc Environmental’s International footprint, design and engineering work is done on an international level, drawing from the expertise and experiences of a wide variety of solutions to each situation and / or unique customer requirements developed over the last 30 plus years. Benmarc Environmental’s total international dust suppression systems treat over 380,000,000 tons of ore / material per year, from coal to iron ore, to lime and Kimberlite and everything in between. Benmarc Environmental treat over 900,000,000 tons of material annually.

The company fabricates its own dust suppression systems, modularized to minimize both installation cost and time. Benmarc Environmental’s project management capability can take a project from inception through start-up. Fully equipped and trained local staff provides on-site maintenance service, as well as on-site commissioning and optimization programs.

As its core business since inception, Benmarc Environmental (Pty) Ltd offers a full scope of dust management products and services that support regulatory compliance while minimizing the impact of adding moisture to the product being suppressed, with residual effects where applicable. The dust management program frequently begins with a comprehensive dust management audit of the facility. This audit provides a technical needs assessment, risk management action plan, and budgetary cost estimates to allow management to prioritize an action plan based on risk and budgetary constraints.






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Benmarc - Client - Seriti Resources Benmarc - Client - Sebilo Resources Benmarc - Client - PPC Lime


Specialising in Total Dust Management (TDM®) products and services