Skid-mounted Temporary Dust Suppression System

These systems are designed as a temporary or rental system that can be employed using operating rather than capital expense budgets. The pumps and controls are built onto a 1.2m x 1.5m Steel frame (Skid) and all components are rated IP65 due to exposure.

Typically rented from Benmarc or applied in a short-term test/demonstration scenario, the systems are versatile and modular to enable easy redeployment on sites. The systems are designed for single area application and have a typical life expectancy of around 3 years or less. Where the containerized systems are capable of delivering treatment to several areas using different chemicals, these systems will target only one area and use only one chemical.

As opposed to PLC control, relay logic is the preferred method of controlling treatment. Still, no interaction from plant personnel is required and treatment commences automatically upon receipt of permissive signals provided by Benmarc installed sensors and customer provided plant running and other signals.

Download Skid-Mounted Dust Suppression System
Benmarc - Skid Mounted System
Benmarc - Skid Mounted System