BM-R3 Chemical

Benmarc chemical product have been developed over 35 years and are still ever-evolving to suit environmental restraints and customer needs. As an environmentally responsible company, all chemicals are 100% environmentally friendly, and bio-degradable to European standards

Without Benmarc treatment, the average application requires approximately 45-65% more water to suppress emissions. However, at this level of moisture addition, the material handling system will experience severe life-shortening, and process halting problems due to mud build-up on conveyor equipment and blockages in transfer chutes.

The chemical products supplied by Benmarc have been specifically designed for each application according to the needs. As of January 2019, all our products were re-engineered and re-formulated, replacing all chemical components with locally-sourced, naturally-derived environmentally-friendly products, while providing an improved level of efficiency in terms of its suppressing and binding capabilities.

A competitive haul-road application that, like all Benmarc chemical products, is environmentally friendly. This chemical is supplied to several customers, although Benmarc is not physically involved in the actual application thereof.