BM210E Chemical

Benmarc’s BM210E has been developed and continues to be re formulated for better cost/performance over the past 35 years.

This intermediate dust suppressant, formulated to eliminate dust at source, and several transfer point downstream. The BM210E is a surface tension modifying agent that allows effective suppression of all types of material. Most dust types are resistant to water (hydrophobic), water-only suppression remain ineffective at providing the required levels of dust suppression, irrespective of droplet size (misting/fogging).

Benmarc’s BM210E is presently being used within the iron ore, manganese, nickel, and diamond mines as well as other mining operations.

Studies show that with water only, over 3% moisture addition is required to achieve 80% dust reduction. This equates to wasting a very valuable resource whose cost is increasing greatly, electrical consumption to run pumps also increasing at a rapid pace.

The chemical products supplied by Benmarc have been specifically designed for each application according to individual customer, is environmentally friendly, with components local to South Africa.

Application points include:
  • Truck tip
  • Truck tip reception bin, apron feeder feeding surface crusher
  • Surface crusher
  • Secondary crusher & tertiary crusher outlets
  • Rotating rail tip, conveyor transfer points etc