Benmarc’s AGRISEEL has been developed and continues to be reformulated for better cost/performance over the past 35 years and is presently being used within the agriculture industry.

Studies show that with water only, over 3% moisture addition is required to achieve 80% dust reduction. This equates to wasting a very valuable resource whose cost is increasing greatly, electrical consumption to run pumps also increasing at a rapid pace.

The chemical products supplied by Benmarc have been specifically designed for each application according to individual customer, is environmentally friendly, with components local to South Africa.

AGRISEEL is Benmarc’s long term dust control agent, designed to have a residual effect of the haul road between the vineyards. AGRISEEL combines the properties of BM210E with an added binding agent that essentially binds the dust particles to the larger lumps or rocks, keeps that bond for an extended period of time. AGRISEEL application minimizes water (moisture addition) substantially. Requiring 0.5% water addition, per treated ton of material, dust emissions are reduced over 90% vs water addition of 3% per treated ton clearly reducing dust by 80%.

Primarily used for haul roads between vineyards, the bond remains effective for up to 14 days.