Benmarc Environmental (Pty) Ltd specializes in Total Dust Management products and services. Benmarc is headquartered in Johannesburg. Our international affiliate organization are located in Chicago, Illinois.

As a result of Benmarc Environmental’s International footprint, design and engineering work is done on an international level, drawing from the expertise and experiences of a wide variety of solutions to each situation and / or unique customer requirements developed over the last 30 plus years. Benmarc Environmental’s total international dust suppression systems treat over 380,000,000 tons of ore / material per year, from coal to iron ore, to lime and Kimberlite and everything in between. Benmarc Environmental treat over 900,000,000 tons of material annually.

The company fabricates its own dust suppression systems, modularized to minimize both installation cost and time. Benmarc Environmental’s project management capability can take a project from inception through start-up. Fully equipped and trained local staff provides on-site maintenance service, as well as on-site commissioning and optimization programs.

As its core business since inception, Benmarc Environmental (Pty) Ltd offers a full scope of dust management products and services that support regulatory compliance while minimizing the impact of adding moisture to the product being suppressed, with residual effects where applicable. The dust management program frequently begins with a comprehensive dust management audit of the facility. This audit provides a technical needs assessment, risk management action plan, and budgetary cost estimates to allow management to prioritize an action plan based on risk and budgetary constraints.


Benmarc’s dust suppression and prevention technology has been labeled as best practice and widely adopted by Iron ore and Manganese producers in South Africa.

  • One of the major benefits of using the technology is the prevention of emissions after treatment – owing to the binding characteristic of the BM515E chemical. The benefit extends from the mine and as far downstream as the offloading at port where dust emissions draw a lot of attention from local residents and environmental authorities.
  • The Benmarc chemicals are bio-degradable to EU standards, locally sourced, non-toxic and has been approved by all the major producers and handlers of Manganese, Iron ore, Lime, Chrome, and Nickel.
  • Water has become a scarce resource and the problem is progressively becoming an issue. Benmarc’s technology is focused on treatment on the front end of the ore preparation process with residual downstream emissions control. This dramatically reduces the consumption of water relative to the use of multiple application points as required by misting suppression systems and reinforces the global effort to save this precious resource.
  • Due to the effectiveness of treatment, maintenance and electrical (another critical resource) is significantly reduced.
  • Smaller maintenance teams and longer periods between maintenance cycles also reduces safety risks. Benmarc’s safety record is impeccable with zero incidents over 20 years of operation in SA.
  • The systems are designed to provide extended life expectancy and flexible in terms of expandability and upgradeability. Continued engineering is employed to ensure that the latest technology is incorporated into operational design.
  • Across all installations over 20 years, the Benmarc application systems have historically maintained over 98% availability.
  • Benmarc draws on its extensive knowledge on dust mitigation and constantly invest in research and development to stay abreast of technological advances and implements them.










To make a positive impact in the health and safety of our customer’s working environment by providing state of the art Total Dust Management Solutions.


Why Benmarc? Experience, expertise and integrity set us apart. The Benmarc team comprised of experienced professionals, with a network of subsidiary companies that offer global support and ideas to address the complex challenges you face. Our staff has over 360 collective years of experience addressing successfully dust emissions and material handling issues.



Benmarc has offices situated in USA, Germany, South Africa and Botswana

Benmarc - Reach

Benmarc stands behind their work and commits itself to get the job properly done, and meet customer expectations. Our priority is to provide economic solutions with sensible implementation.


What separates Benmarc from the rest? We are not just a chemical, engineering, fabrication and maintenance company. We are totally integrated. We are focused on one thing. Providing solutions to minimize dust emissions and bulk material handling needs. Therefore, Benmarc has over 200 installations worldwide.

Benmarc’s Comprehensive Solutions include:

  • Dust Emissions Audits
  • Dust Suppressions
  • Dry Dust Collection
  • Wet Dust Extraction
  • Material Flow Enhancement
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Turn Key Installation/Commissioning
  • Haul Road Suppression when integrated with Dust Suppressions
  • 24/7 Emergency Call out Services
  • Full Time & Periodic Maintenance Service Program
Benmarc - Comprehensive Solution Provider



The following are emission comparisons between dust suppression systems off vs dust suppression systems on:

Bemarc - Dust Emissions Comparisons - Dust Suppression Off
Bemarc - Dust Emissions Comparisons - Dust Suppression On


Dust Suppression System

Benmarc - Dust Suppression System

Typical system outside (PPC Slurry)

Typical system inside (PPC Slurry)


Benmarc - Collections - Bag house

Bag house


Benmarc - Extraction

Wet Scrubber

Fire Suppression

Benmar - Fire Suppression

Materials Handling - PACS (Material Flow Enhancer)

Benmarc - PACS - Material Flow Enhancer

AngloAmerican New Vaal Colliery


Haul Road

Benmarc - Haul Road

Specialising in Total Dust Management (TDM®) products and services