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Benmarc Environmental (Pty) Ltd specializes in Total Dust Management (TDM®) products and services. Benmarc is headquartered in Johannesburg. Our international affiliate organizations are located in Batavia, Illinois (Corporate Headquarter); Deuben, Germany and San Nicolas, Aruba. Amerex Industries, Benmarc Environmental’s process gas conditioning affiliate, SPE-Amerex, is headquartered in Batavia USA, with branches in Pittsburgh.

As a result of Benmarc Environmental’s International footprint, design and engineering work is done on an international level, drawing from the expertise and experiences of a wide variety of solutions to each situation and / or unique customer requirements developed over the last 30 plus years.


100% Environmentally Friendly



  • Needs/Condition Assessment
  • Chemical Suppression Systems
  • Fabric Filter Collection Systems
  • Containment Systems
  • Housekeeping/Maintenance
  • Compliance Dust Level Audits
  • Turnkey Installation / Start up
  • Engineering Services
  • Chute / Transfer Design
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Wash down Systems
  • Haul Road Chemicals
  • Dust Agglomeration / Transfer
  • Flexibility in Contracting


BM210E is Benmarc’s short-term / immediate dust suppressant, designed to eliminate dust at source. The BM210E dosed into the application line, softens the water, allowing effective suppression of ALL types of material.


BM515E is Benmarc's mid-term dust suppressant, designed to have a longer lasting effect on the material being suppressed. BM515E combines BM210E with a binding agent which essentially sticks to particles.


BM-R3 is a NEW product, for use in haul-road applications. Total new solution that is environmental friendly. Phalaborwa Mining Company commencing full-time application of the product on roads underground.


DusBloc is Benmarc's "Text needed here"